Presenting Issue 7

With our latest issue we have something new for you: novel excerpts. There is one from Grae Cleugh written in a spiky vernacular and a piece from a Young Adult novel by Ellen Mulholland.

If you like your literature short 'n' sweet we have flash fiction from Alex Sewter and then short stories about everything from the problem of having a dead guy on the bus to the troubled thoughts of a pilot as his bomber closes in on Hiroshima.

Enjoy our sixth issue - a poetry special

Welcome to our sixth issue which has been taken over by poetry: by rhyme, lyric, sonnet and song. We've had so many poetry submissions recently, that I decided to devote this issue entirely to poetry.

I admit I'm no expert on poetry, so the selection and editorial process has centred around imagery: which poems sparked off colours and scenes and textures and sensations in me. I know little of the technical side, just the 'beautiful' side, of these poems.

As ever, we welcome comments on the poems from our readers.




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