Issue 3 is here

Read issue 3 here.

This month we invite you to step into blackest noir with the Hotel Prometheus, feel the wither of time in the poetry of Signals or wonder who that odd character is at the bus stop in Bernie.

We also welcome back F. Harvey Anderson from last month with another article on the quirks and colour of life in Nepal.

We another extract from our editor's blog about online dating. This month she goes on a date with a sinister clown.

Welcome to Issue 2

Read issue 2 here.

Here we are already with our second issue.

I must say, being an editor is fantastic. Each morning the Puffin inboxes are packed with submissions from so many countries, in so many genres and in so many styles. Already, we have enough quality writing to pack out months and months of the magazine, but keep them coming. We are constantly on the lookout for new submissions.




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