*NEW* Winners of our fairy tale contest announced

We are pleased to announce the winner and runner-up in our recent fairy tale contest.

The winning entry is GIANT by William Davidson and the runner-up is MR FORRESTER HAS WINGS by Katie Willis.

Kirsty Logan, author of the The Rental Heart, a book of modern fairy tales, judged the contest and had this to say about the two winning entries:

About GIANT, 'I loved the details in this story: the 'bread with a secret', the sinister impression of the words 'fine gold'. It's a great example of how to update a fairy tale to modern times, while exploring timeless characters and emotions.'

And for MR FORRESTER HAS WINGS, 'What a dreamy, gorgeous tale! Right from the first sentence, we know we're in the hands of a true prose stylist. I really wish I had written the description of Gloria, 'flighty in wedges' with her mournful insides. This story is a treat.'

You can read both stories here
Mr Forrester Has Wings

The winner will receive a paperback copy of The Rental Heart plus a beautiful 'tiny zine' made by Kirsty, as shown below. This is an exquisite miniature booklet containing mini stories by Kirsty and held together by ribbon. The runner-up shall also receive a tiny zine.

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